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"The Dream Bundle makes it easy for anyone to start creating killer tracks."

Professional Music Producer
Amrita Recordings

"Overall its probably the most helpful thing I have spent money on recently. The sound kingdom pack also has loads of good samples for insperation and to take your track to the next level. I would definitely recommend the bundle. There is also a template included that helped me start to figure out a more defined song structure. I still have a long way to go to get the sound I want in a finished product, but this tool has been a big step in the right direction. Thanks Ty"

Music Producer

Music Producer
Gravitas Records

"The moment I first started playing with Tyy's Production Labs Racks, I immediately started making beats and playing with sounds that I resonate with. This felt like a huge leap forward in inspiration for making my own music that sounds good and that I can be proud of. What I LOVE about the racks is how I can simply drop them into my project and access ALL the features through my Push 2 or APC40 to dial in specifics. Finely tuning the things that matter and make the most difference for each individual instrument is a massive strength of these racks. They are super intuitive and have tons of features to get them to sound the way you want for your mix. The variety and capability of unique creation making is endless. Whether you are a beginner to music production or an advance producer looking for inspiration these racks are well worth it! So much has gone into them and you can really tell they have been made from someone who has spent years producing professionally. Just in case anyone is on the fence, don't be, you will not be disappointed! ūüėÉ Much love ‚̧"

Music Producer

"The Production Labs Dream Bundle is a ‚Äúmust have‚ÄĚ in your music production toolbox. You will be able to smoothen and upgrade your workflow whether you are a beginner or advanced producer. Each pack within the bundle contains high quality samples and professionally crafted instrument racks. All are easy to use and provide impeccable sound to your compositions. ATYYA has you covered on a hand selected library of drums, 808s, basses, leads, chords/pads, and everything in between. If you are serious about leveling up your production the Dream Bundle is your next step."

Music Producer

"Dream bundle is¬†ūüĒ•¬†Drum rack is nice for tuning and getting your drums to sound more organic!"

Music Producer

Ultra Bass Dream Rack
Ultra Drums Dream Rack
Stabs + Growls Dream Rack
808 Bass Dream Rack

Chords + Pads Dream Rack
Electronic Music Production Template
Vocal Ableton Template
Live Stem DJ Template
4 Deck DJ Template
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Sound Kingdom Sample Pack by ATYYA




Ultra Bass Dream Rack                                        $37
Ultra Drums Dream Rack                                   $39
Stabs + Growls Dream Rack                             $35
808 Bass Dream Rack                                          $35

Chords + Pads Dream Rack                              $35
Electronic Production Template                     $29
Vocal Ableton Template                                      $29
Live Stem DJ Template                                        $19
4 Deck DJ Template                                              $19
Tutorial Videos (5)                                                  $97

Sound Kingdom Sample Pack                           $29

TOTAL VALUE                                   $402.99
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