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"To keep the tracks at a constant even level is struggle, and your racks help solve that dilemma big time. I create many different types of music from ambient to bass but when I need solid clean instrument rack that will sound amazing I click that rack and know what I'm getting for a sound. Hey sometimes I love the old school way of opening the DAW and just loading various sounds and bought VSTs because they have a particular timbre that I may seek and just start with a blank canvas and color the shit out of it till I am pleased with a huge smile. You rock! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us all."

Music Producer

Drag n' Drop

Add this fully loaded Bass rack to your project in seconds. Features custom effects chains to fine tune each sound, as well as global effects for a finishing touch. 

Professional Quality

Designed by ATYYA, a professional Producer / DJ / Mixing & Mastering Engineer. You can be sure any combination of settings will ensure a professional sound quality.

Fully Customizable

Design and modulate your own Bass sounds with a simplified workflow using just 16 knobs. Save countless hours of preset sifting!

Free Tutorial

Includes a lesson on how to use each feature of the Ultra Bass in

Ableton Live 10 
+ utilize hidden features.

What Exactly is the Ultra Bass Rack?

What will I gain from buying this rack?



Q: What Versions of Ableton is this rack compatible with?
A: Live Suite 10 & Live Suite 11 only. Standard or Lite will not work.

Q: Do the racks or templates use any 3rd party VST's?
A:  No, they are built fully with stock ableton plugins. 

Q: Is this product Royalty Free?
A: Yes, you can make and sell music or sounds from this rack, however you cannot legally resell, or distribute the racks, templates, or samples themselves, or any modified version of them in any way. 

Q: Where do I go for tech support or any other questions?
A: Email support@production-labs.com and we'll be happy to assist you. 

Q: Do you offer private 1 on 1 lessons?
A:  Yes! Click Here to book your 1 on 1 Session with ATYYA.

Q: Is there a community of people using Production Lab Tools that I can connect with? 
A:  Yes! You can join the facebook group here: 

Q: Are there more Production Labs racks like this one?
A: Yes! This is one of 5 rack in the Dream Rack Series by Production Labs. 

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$37 Original Price
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"I wanted to make a set of DREAM instrument  racks  that would allow anyone to CREATE the sound they want in minutes  WITHOUT buying pricey VSTS  or getting stuck in sound design land while their creativity dwindles. After 1.5 yrs in the making, I proudly present the Dream Rack Series!


Founder of Production Labs

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